Aileron Triangle holder from One Beat Better
The Aileron Student Model with 5" Triangle
The Aileron Student Model with 5" Triangle

The Aileron Student Model with 5" Triangle

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One Beat Better and Sean J Kennedy have teamed up to create the ultimate triangle Holder!

One Beat Better's The Aileron Student Model is 100% hand crafted in the USA. The Aileron is constructed out of Hard Maple.  The specially shaped contours are ergonomically designed to rest comfortably in hand for stability and unrestricted playing freedom.  Mounted in the top of each holder are two rare earth magnets allowing it to be securely attracted to the underside of the One Beat Better percussion trays or any other musical accessory with a flat metal bottom surface such as a music book plate. Two centered string lines, one main and one back up, are the thinnest available braided 40 pound test for hanging the triangle. This thin line assures minimal surface contact to the instrument which allows it to vibrate unencumbered! 

Our Aileron model comes with many of the same design elements a our Elevon Pro model but does not have and oil finish and the underlying contours are not as pronounced as the Elevon model. It functions and is held in the exact some manner as the Elevon. These changes allow us to price it more affordably.