First Generation Timbre Jam

First Generation Timbre Jam

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Timbre Jam - 1st Generation

This is our First Generation Timbre Jam.  It has velcro mounts on the bottom.
The Timbre Jam is a dynamic percussive instrument that can be used in a variety of musical settings. It produces a sound resembling that of a wood block, but with a slightly softer attack due to the gum-rubber surface. The Timbre Jam is extremely dynamic, allowing you to hear every nuance of your playing which also makes it the perfect practice pad.  This version is made of 100% maple wood, producing a very clean, defining tone. Each unit includes a mounting base and muffling pad for quieter playing.

Please Note:

This Jam plays beautifully with no compromise regarding quality of  sound or rebound. The instrument has very minor aesthetic issues that include varied shading in the rubber hitting surface. The 'Timbre Jam' logo is not printed on the front of the instrument. There is also a brand on the bottom  that says "Timbre Pad", its former trademark name.

(Stand/mount not included).